Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So my blogging has sucked, and I think one reason is that I used to write with a glass of wine close at hand. Divine inspiration for crap. Anyway- I'm blogging now and that's a step... And no wine, and that's something too!

Another reason I've not been blogging is that I've built up these mighty expectations for myself; my posts must be the most profound literary works, etc... For now- My goal is limited to writing about my meetings. Each meeting tends to lend me a pricelss tidbit of information, and with my emmory these tidbits really need to be recoded. I'll also write some of my sponsor assigned homework here, but primarily just little bits of sobriety speak:
  • 4-29 First Speaker meeting w/ Jan. Started questioning why I was here again- Her story was so much heavier than mine, maybe that's what a REAL alchoholic looks like. But, I can see myself getting into any of those situation myself- Reckless driving, avoidance, etc... It's all variations on the same themes. Simply stated: alcohol was impeding my life- I was well on my way down the slippery slope. I was stifled physically and emotionally. I am living once again.